One of the more rewarding careers out there is being an individual trainer. Why? Well not just do you create an excellent salary but you actually go to change people’s lives! It is incredible watching how individuals can transform their lives by starting to live healthy by exercising and eating effectively.

One way to begin a very satisfying profession straight out of high school is actually becoming a licensed trainer. To be a teacher is able to offer you a rather laid back method to take up a full-time profession – however you must pass your personal trainer courses . Likewise, being a trainer straight out of high school can help you make a good income on the edge while you’re in college as well!

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When high school graduation (or with a GED), you now possess the vast majority of the pre-requisites required to enter an individual trainer certifying program (along with being 18 years of age). The final plot you need is becoming CPR/AED certified but that will take no time at all. Another reason for to become a trainer out of high school is that you can find employment really quickly!

Employment Opportunities:

With this particular economy, in case you are an “unskilled” woodworker you might have a problem finding employment particularly straight out of high school. There are adequate employment possibilities regardless of your experience level in relation to being an individual trainer, so long as you’re certified. As the expanding obesity issue in the United States escalates, there will generally be a necessity for health and fitness professionals.

CNN in fact estimated that the physical fitness industry will increase by twenty four % over the next ten years! Not only that but after 2005 the common salary for a trainer has increased by nineteen %. As the employment opportunities increase, so does the salaries! Here are several regular average salaries you will find for personal trainers across the country:

  1. Trainer Salary in Texas: $33,000
  2. Trainer Salary in York that is New: $41,000
  3. Trainer Salary in California: $39,000
  4. Instructor Salary in Florida: $33,000

Those’re some excellent salaries for coming out of high school with a personal trainer certification (although it is going to take some time to build up to that).

Grow the profession of yours!

In case you are likely to college, being a licensed trainer gives you the flexibility to work on the edge in your spare time for additional income. The truth is, it can result in an amazing profession! For instance, Dustin Maher (Fit Moms For Life) started on the job at his campus gym.

This developed into him growing to be a published author, regular appearances on tv, and owning 10 fitness centers! One question you might have coming out of high school and being short on cash is the primary program expenses. Training opportunities can cost $299 all of the way to $699 (depending on business as well as analysis materials purchased) with program duration ranging from 3-4 days (live courses) all the way up to a year (self-study applications).

Learning to be an individual trainer is often a fantastic manner to make some additional money or perhaps it might be the gateway of yours to finally owning your own gym. It is up to you! This growing business has a ton of opportunity for success and you are able to change people’s lives in the process, what more would you ask for coming right out of high school?