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‘you guys have the best selection of nature books in the region …’

Customer statement from visiting American field biologist, 22nd December 2002
Nature Book List
We have updated our complete Nature Book List in a brand new July 2003 edition. It opens in MS-Excel and covers details and descriptions of over 800 of our most important titles, a unique selection covering all aspects of nature in South East Asia.Contact us if you want a copy sent to you as an e-mail attachment (161 KB) or if you prefer as a diskette by mail.
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Top 10 Best Sellers for July 2003

Trees of Our Garden City;
A Guide to the Common Trees of Singapore
by S.P. Tee & M.L. Wee
Singapore is know for its greenery, and this book reveals how the greening was engineered. Over the first 26 pages the book explains how ornamental and wayside trees are best selected, planted and maintained
A to Z of South East Asian Orchid Species
by P.O’Byrne
This book is about the native wild orchid species (not hybrids) originating from Southeast Asia. It describes 401 orchid species in 94 genera. Each species is illustrated with a brilliant colour photograph of the flowers.
Asia Pacific Reef Guide
by H. Debelius
Packed with more than 1,000 underwater photographs this is the ultimate new guide to the marine life of the Asia-Pacific region. The photos are stunning, all show spectacular animals in their natural environment …
Common Plants of Singapore
by Y.C. Wee
A CD-ROM featuring 174 different plants common to Singapore and Southeast Asia. Categories include Trees, Palms, Herbs, Shrubs, Ferns and Climbers …
Fish Guide Southeast Asia
by H. Debelius
This is the most handy and comprehensive guide to the marine fishes of the region. An amazing 700 species are illustrated in brilliant photographs, making this the largest collection of habitat underwater fish images produced …
A Photographic Guide to the
Birds of Southeast Asia
by M. Strange
The most comprehensive photographic guide to the region, including the Philippines and Borneo. Covers 668 species in a handy 13×19 cm format. The author provides his own photographs as well as the best selection from some 30 other contributors …
Singapore; City of Gardens
by W. Warren
Finally the greenery of Singapore is captured and presented in the most lavish fashion. With the stunning photography of L. I. Tettoni all the major gardens and greenery areas of the country are illustrated and described…
South East Asia A Photographic Guide to
Mammals of South-East Asia
by C.M. Francis
This volume in the pocket-size series of photographic guides illustrates 192 mammals, many species poorly covered in other reference books … the text by one of the recognised experts in this field is really informative.
amazon copywriter Skyrise Gardening in Highrise Homes;
Third Edition
by Chin S. C. & E. Chan (Ed.)
This is a much expanded new edition of a 1995 succesful book written and produced by experts in their fields. It tells in specific details about how to start and maintain a small scale garden in pots and boxes …
Tropical Trees and Shrubs Tropical Trees and Shrubs;
A Selection for Urban Planting

by Y.C. Wee
This is an all-new essential botanical handbook for horticulturists, students and nature lovers. The author is a retired professor in botany and an expert in his field.


July 2003 : What’s new ?
This month we bring you the following titles :

Fish Guide Southeast Asia
by H. Debelius
This is the most handy and comprehensive guide to the marine fishes of the region. An amazing 700 species are illustrated in brilliant photographs, making this the largest collection of habitat underwater fish images produced …
A Dictionary of Malaysian Timbers
by T.M. Wong
This is a totally updated and revised edition of the 1982 book long out of print. A total of 747 new entries have been included as well as taxonomic changes, new research and additional information about Sabah and Sarawak.
Butterflyfishes, Bannerfishes
and their relatives
by R. H. Kuiter
With the subtitle ‘A Comprehensive Guide to Chaetodontidae and Microcanthidae’ this is indeed a very detailed account of these two families of marine fishes, they are among the most spectacular and colourful on the coral reefs …
Fairy & Rainbow Wrasses
and their relatives
by R. H. Kuiter
This suborder of Perciformes comprises 3 different families, they include some of the most interesting and colourful fishes you will find on the coral reefs in the Asia-Pacific region …

Growing at your Doorstep;
35 Native Plants of Singapore
by H.T.W. Tan & K.S. Chua
This attractive and well-designed little book … features 35 of the most important plants native to Singapore and the SE Asian region, all can be found growing wild or cultivated in the country .
Beetles Of Thailand
by P. Ek-Amuay
This is a handbook to the interesting beetles found in Thailand, it is bound to become the most important reference of its kind for scientist and amateur entomologists.
A Dictionary of the Economic Products of the Malay Peninsula
by I.H. Burkill
This is the fourth print of a book that came out 67 years ago … the book is unchanged and now available again in its original form, which shows the unique value and durability of this extraordinary effort.
Khao Yai
by M. Promthatavedi & P. Gesmankit
Nobody planning a trip to Thailand should be without this book. It is an all-new guide to this beautiful forest that has become one of Southeast Asia’s most important ecotourism destinations.
Doi Inthanon, Doi Suthep
The Himalayan Springs of Thailand
by A. Boonsirivibul
At 2565 meters Doi Inthanon is the highest peak in Thailand and surrounded as it is by a vast national park it has become one of Thailand’s most important ecotourism destinations. Doi Suthep is nearby…
Kaeng Krachan
Amazing Forest of Phetchaburi River
by W. Kumnerdpet
Home to Tigers, Leopards, Tapirs, Elephans and countless other animals the Kaeng Krachan National Park is one of the best places in Thailand to see birds and mammals …
A Guide to the
Dragonflies of Borneo
by A.G. Orr
The first guide to the dragonflies of its area, and the most comprehensive coverage for any tropical region. With chapters on biology, classification and ecology, as well as a complete checklist.
A Model Project for Cost Analysis to Achieve Sustainable Forest Management
by N. A Rahim (ed.)
This is the Main Report of the project developed by FRIM in cooperation with the International Tropical Timber Organization. It is invaluable reference for anyone who wants to know about or follow the guidelines for sustainable forest management as defined by the ITTO.
Skyrise Greening in Singapore
by C.C. Ong & A. Sia (eds.)
This very useful little book is the results of a detailed study by the National Parks Board (Nparks) and the National University of Singapore (NUS). Chapters include Forms and Benefits of Skyrise Greenery, Developing Rooftop Gardens and Case Stories.
The Pictorial Encyclopedia of Oncidium
by M.W. Chase (ed.)
This is the new and updated edition of the original 1997 work which took 13 years to make. It includes more than 850 full-colour, actual-size drawings of orchid plants and flowers in the unique spectrum of Oncidium.