If you are up for a meeting with your client, you might want to style your cashmere pashmina in a different way. For an evening party, you might choose another design. However, it’s imperative that you know when to wear which one so that it’s perfectly in sync with the occasion.

Styling a cashmere pashmina

Party looks

If you are planning to put on a short dress or a gown, all you have to do is drape your cashmere pashmina around your neck and leave those loose ends hanging at the back. This is not only an elegant style, but it also accentuates your attire in a classy manner.

Variou Cashmere Pashminas

Professional meetings

For professional purposes, you might want to style that gorgeous cashmere pashmina in a more sophisticated way. You can just place the cashmere pashmina around your neck and bring both its ends from the back to your front creating a loop or just simply place both those ends in the front.

Casual hangouts

For a casual purpose, you need a casual style. So, take the cashmere pashmina and wrap it around your neck in such a way that both its loose ends fall upfront and then, toss one end over the other shoulder. That will help you maintain a casual tone; yet, you will look effortlessly perfect.


You must be aware of this style – rosette. It is a very unique way of tying a pashmina around your neck. Firstly, place the cashmere pashmina with both the ends hanging in front. Then, start twisting one end with the another like a rope and keep on doing it unless the pashmina starts doubling itself and moves up closer to your neck, getting a better grip. As the entire pashmina is used up, just tuck the loose end under the rosette. This style is unique and fashionable at the same time; you should definitely try this out for your next outing.

Various styles for you

A cashmere pashmina is an evergreen! But you must pick the right one.

Try the long pashminas while getting ready for parties or some charity benefits. They create an aura of class and elegance.

However, to stand out from the crowd, pick the handmade pashminas featuring innovative designs. You can also go for the ones painted with silk dyes. These are so unique that you can be rest assured no other person will have the same as yours in the party you are heading to.

Always go for the 100% pure pashmina fabric because no matter how good a blended one might be, an original piece always has its own aura. As you will wander around the space wearing your pure cashmere pashmina, it will speak for itself, even among the crowd.

That’s pretty much all the tips and tricks for you. Follow these; however, you are always allowed to make alterations. Just keep one thing in mind – choose the one that makes you comfortable!